How do guys see girls like me?

I have an hourglass figure--wide hips, small waist, and I'm a 36C. Don't get me wrong, I love my figure, but I feel like that's all guys see in me (they tend to treat me more as a body than a person, if that makes sense).

Do guys generally see girls like me in a physical way and nothing else?


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  • I am sure you have heard this before, but I am going to say it anyways.

    Guys are visual. Think about it for a sec. When we first meet you, we only have your looks to go on.

    Now, women too can be visual, but they are visual in a different way. They are not necessarily looking at physical attributes like a guy does, but you do look at how the guy carries himself, and if he walks with confidence, or how he acts with the group of friends he is with, etc. You get the picture.

    Now, with that said, guys with depth will not remain fixated on your looks. They will then begin to engage you in conversation to see if there are other things that he can be attracted too as well. Think about it, the way you look makes them want to meet you, but your personality makes them stay.

    There are of course guys that approach you and only fixate on your looks, these are the guys that only want to get into your pants. Use common sense to figure out what kind of guy is talking to you. Some of us do look for depth and don't glare at you.

    Your looks are not smart bombs or laser guided missiles that seek out only to attract the kind of guys that you like. The more beautiful you are, the wider range of guys that will be attracted to you. This includes the dogs along with the desirables, it just comes with the territory.

    Just be happy with who you are and be flattered by the attention. Learn to identify the losers from the winners, and remove yourself from situations if they get out of hand.

    Hope this helps.


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  • yep!

    what you've just described is perfection - it would take a man of strong will to focus on anything else - at first anyway

    But if you really want someone to like you for you before they see you - a site like this is perfect - the kind of place where you can get to know someone without seeing them - or just seeing their face

    Then you can save the best surprise for last :D


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  • I have the same exact body type as you do, so I understand what you mean by this. However, I've come to accept the simple fact that LOOKS are the first thing people (not just men) notice, and have adopted the thought that, well, with a body like ours, what's not worth looking at? Haha.

    True, the outside is what people see first, and and some people will treat you according to how you look like, but after a while, a body is just a body. There will be lots of people who will then want to know the brain behind the body, simply because the things in here tend to hold the most gorgeous sights of the world.

  • Haha. I wonder the same thing. I have a similar body type (smaller boobs though!.only a 34B .lol).

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