Black rottweiler with red eyes?

So when I was younger around 6, it was the day my mother decided it was time to leave my dad, he was abusive and at several different points in his life, was a 'satanist'. Mind you, my entire family is very religious [christian] He is too, usually. But, that day my mother was packing [we lived with my grandmother which is my dads mom] I walked to the back porch of my grandmothers house and saw a black rottweiler with red eyes.. I wasn't afraid because I thought at the time it was just a dog, until I walked back into my bedroom. it stood in the door way, looking straight at me, sniffed the ground and walked off.. almost like it couldn't come into the room. Yes I'm POSITIVE it was not a dream. What does this symbolize? I have read that red eyes symbolize a person letting go of someone or something [my mother leaving my father] I have also read about the hell hound. Any ideas? Thanks.


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  • I honestly think it's just a dog. You shouldn't put too much stock in "symbology" and whatever else. The dog was probably territorial. Rotwilers aren't very sweet dogs, especially around strangers. It sounds like a weird dog.

    • Lol the dog was outside and I was looking out.. it couldn't have gotten in the house. And, it just dissappeared after it was in the house.

  • Yeah the rotty was trying out his new contact lenses.

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