Do guys pick up on the signals we send?

I've been reading a lot about flirting, how to tell if he likes you, how to get his attention type stuff, so what I want to know is does it actually work?

I've been trying to catch his eye and smile at him.

Not crossing my arms, standing close to him when we talk.

Asking him about himself.

Making sure I smell nice and look nice.

Do you guys pick up on these kind of things, or am I wasting my time trying to communicate non-verbally?


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  • For me, it's become a habit to read people's body language for both males and females. So I tend to pick those things up.

    But (just generalising) a lot of guys won't consciously pick those things up; on the other hand, if you weren't to do some of those things then it would change the way your man acts around you ever so slightly.

    And no, you aren't wasting your time is the simplest way I can put it.


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  • Some guys will pick up on your signals. Some guys will go for it even if they don't recognize your signals. Some guys will recognize your signals, but still not be sure enough to go for it. Some guys won't recognize signals OR go for it.

    Generally, little stuff like that doesn't say "Hey, I'm flirting". Catching his eye and smiling? I do that to my friends, doesn't say much. Not crossing the arms? I would never notice. Asking me about myself? Just part of conversation. Looking and smelling nice? I try to look and smell at least decent on a daily basis, that's not a signal.

    I think generally the only way that guys notice these kinds of things is if they have either had enough experience to recognize them, or they're specifically looking for them. Normal guys on a normal day would likely miss all of them.

  • Totally wouldn't notice.

  • Here's the thing. most guys won't pick up on it, but that's not at all a bad thing considering you don't want to date most guys. If they don't pick up on it then they probably aren't the kind of guy you want to be wasting your time on.

  • You're wasting your time. Most guys won't notice. I sure as hell wouldn't. lol

    • Lol conflicting answers much, any advice then?

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    • Yeah. You don't have to he might notice for all I know. I know based on answers on here a lot of guys don't notice that stuff though.

    • Thanks, :) I guess it's just one of those situations where I gotta be careful what I do, if it screws up it might wreck more than our friendship.

  • Yes dude these are open signals for us, defiantly we picks such a types of signals, you are doing well.


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  • from experience, don't listen to the guys that tell you to be open about it go for it and ask the guy out, its all what they would like, who wouldn't right? people love ego boost and attention...its easy for them to say...but in reality it makes you look desperate and creepy also...

    ive asked guys out that were interested in me, and they didn't really like me being so forward

    men like being dominant and like to court the lady, they should be ones to make things official and ask you out...while you continue showing these signals and show that you are interested and compliment them as well, so that you both mutually show you're interested in each other.

    you don't need to rush and tell the guy straight out you like him, although it will be very flattering for him, he just won't take things seriously afterward because its sort of a shock for him...and that's when men run off being scared...

    you have to be the tease and just continuously show interest by subtle flirting, and get to know him being is friend too...

    • Totally agree...

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    • This is a great answer. As much as it would be easier for me if the girl asked me out, that's most likely not a good idea. Kills the mystery and such. Just please make it so I think I have a decent chance of asking you out. I'll do the rest lol.

      Also I'm not too great at reading body language, as I'm new to the dating scene. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't do well in a relationship.

    • :) I think its so much more meaninful for both the guy and girl when the guy pursues love to conquer and women love to be conquered!