Help me convince my parents to let me get my hair bleached?

...I convinced my parents to let me get a scene hairstyle but they won't let me get it bleached which is so important for this style. How do I convince them? My hair is dirty blond now and they said I could only get highlights. I'm NOT happy with this as it will not look good! Help!


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  • Speak to dear old mom about it when dad isn't around. Make it the classic mother--daughter, woman to woman, mono y mono conversation.

    Otherwise, in the words of Nike, Just Do It.


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  • Just go out and get it done, what are they going to do? It's not like you broke something or hurt someone or cost them money.

    • 1. I cant. I'm broke. Completely moneyless. DX. 2. I have done those things. One more foot out of line and I'm deadd

    • If your parents have issues with letting you be yourself and allowing you your right to freedom of expression then I think you're better off without them, I was in the same boat now I'm on my way to a successful life.

      Get yourself a job, earn some money and go get your hair bleached, simple.

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  • You keep acting like a child, they will keep treating you like one.

    18-24? You're legally an adult now.

    Try speaking to them maturely and in an adult manner about your wishes. They still won't budge, maturely accept it, maturely get a job, save up, and maturely move out and start living your own life the way you want to.

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