What kind of clothing do guys find attractive on a girl?

To sum it up, I'm just wondering what guys think is hot or cute on a girl, but doesn't seem like the girl is trying too hard.


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  • This is a complex question because different guys like different things. But, nevertheless...

    1. If a guy is one of those guys who likes to go out to clubs and "hit on hot chicks" - of course he's going to want the girl wearing uncomfortable high heels, form-fitting short dress, lots of makeup and hair done up. He actually likes that she is "trying so hard" because in his mind, she put in the effort to "get him to notice her." Also, he may be a pretty boy himself who puts a lot of importance on looks and other things of a superficial nature.

    2. On the other hand, if a guy is looking for a nice girl who he could actually go out with, and he sees himself as a nice ordinary guy, he probably will be intimidated by these women. I personally know those high heels mess with your arches which can result in chronic joint pain, so when I'm thinking about a woman from a "girlfriend material" perspective, this is a big turn off (not to mention most girls these days don't actually know how to walk in these shoes -> instead looking like awkward strippers). Likewise, all the glitz and glam will translate to me as this girl is "high maintenance" -> possibly also a "gold digger" (and/or insecure about how she really looks).

    3. What is attractive to most men is going to be clothing that presents the feminine aspects of a woman in a flattering way: both physically (breasts, butt, legs, etc.) but also her personality (graceful, elegant, mature, fun, etc.) As such, fit is important. Comfortable clothes will suggest that she is a practical girl who is confident in herself. Nice accents like earings or a wrist band, etc. can be tasteful.

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    - Evan


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  • ive come to realize certain girls can pull of certain things, while I may like revealing things like skirts and dresses, but..im also attracted to my ex because she can pull off jeans really well. then again she's russian, and russian girls are naturally very pretty so..like I said, I guess it just depends on the girl really. that's why its better to know who you are what you look like when it comes to clothes, especially age. as you don't want pervs looking at you, if your gonna wear revealing stuff

  • The cute conservative look...which is classy. Take it easy on the make up and you'll be fine.

    No cake faces please!


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