How to go after this girl I like?

Okay there are plenty of times I won't go up to a girl I think is attractive. This is due to me thinking she already has a boyfriend, she won't want me, probably be to snooty to even talk to me, or for whatever reason. So that is the same predicament I am in with this girl in one of my classes. Just coming off going out with a girl that didn't work out so don't know what to do now.


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  • Sounds to me like you're just taking stuff to personal and are too hard on yourself. Chill out, realize that since women expect the guy to make the first move this means that guys will be the ones dealing with being turned down. Hopefully women will do this gracefully but I've heard that not all are blessed with this type of discretion but that's not your problem. If a woman is hateful to you when you try to get to know her or ask her out just be glad you're not married to someone like that and move on.

    As for thinking she could never want you for whatever'd be surprised how looks don't matter to a lot of women and how many women aren't taken...or comitted.

    Maybe do a bit of reading on how to make yourself appear more friendly, smile, make eye brief eye contact that sort of thing and don't be afraid to try different hair styles, clothing etc to see what works best for you. However, the simplest things are the most important. Be clean, smell good or at least not offensive. To me (and other girls I believe) it's more about personality and ability to communicate. Have goals and a purpose for your life.

    And for that girl you've got your eye on now, don't be afraid to smile and chat and see where it goes from there.


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  • Omg, I feel the same way about guys sometimes.

    Here's my advice: Go up to her and ask a question about a class or something and then try to initiate a conversation from there. Hope this helps :) good luck

  • Well,i think you should just start talking to her,and get to know her a little,and see where it goes from there. You never know she might end up gaining some feelings for you.


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