Why did she change the past on me to make it look like I was a bad guy?

i didn't do anything wrong, she gave me permission even, and it was totally cool at the time it seemed. so then she goes off and blames me for being this bad guy, when in reality, I wouldn't even consider doing anyone wrong in anyway. why does she not see me for what I am? how are things so wrong? is she hiding something? I'm not a bad guy at all, I just wanted to be with her and make it last, why am I seen as such a bad guy? it just doesn't add up. why would she change the past to make it look like I'm at fault (for liking her and being confused basically)?


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  • permission to do what?

    Also when you ask your girlfriend permissing she is immideatly pressured to say yes or she would feel like she is being controling. I my boyfriend asked me right now if he could go visit this girl that he really liked ( in a more than friendly way ) and sleep over if I would feel hurt by it... I would probably say that it is fine and that I hope that he has a good time... I don't really know why I would do this. for the next 2 nights I would probably cry myself to sleep... Woman are weird I would know. If you think that you need to ask permission to do somthing then you probably shouldn't do it.

    • Permission to see her... we were friends (at least) so I thought

    • So she is upset at you for asking her out?

    • Idk. I just don't see how things are so wrong. I didn't deserve this.

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  • r you saying she's going out to others and telling them how horrible of a guy you were? if that's the case, she's just trying to play it cool. make you look bad so she doesnt. kindof a pathetic method of coping, but there's not much you can do about that kind of thing

    • No she didn't tell others that I know of, she just told me and I was like 'woah what?!' things are totally wrong. I don't get how a girl can think a totally decent guy is bad and "out to get her". messed up. it makes no sense

  • anyone who has what they call selective or tainted memory has serious issues.