What if a guy maintains eye contact when you talk to him does he like you?

I'm just interested how you act.There's this guy I like I hadn't spoken to him a lot as I'm shy. He's kinda quiet but not shy as he does speak out in class and stuff sometimes and he's very clever. He doesn't speak to any of the girls. So in class when we had to correct peoples test from other rows and he got me to do his I was a bit surprised. He stands close to me sometimes or near me. He looks at me as I walk down the corridor , I look at him. I see him look at me in the hall and I look at him too. We hadn't spoken much so I spoke to him while waiting for a class. I was side by side to him first asked him if he saw the teacher. I was a bit mumbly a first so he didn't understand me Then about something everyone had to go to last Friday I was asking him if he thought it was good, and what course he wanted to do, and if he got many prospectuses and other stuff and we turned face to face so we were quite close to each other. We were looking right at each other he was listening closely didn't get distracted just focused on each other and he smiled at some of the questions. He gave proper answers not yes or no or trying to end it. He asked me a few too. He seemed really into it.His feet also point at me a lot an once during a class we had to sit in a circle there was a seat in between us he sat near my bag a guy came in he put his foot on the chair but the guy still sat there mine an his were close to touching he didn't really stop looking my direction. After school while he's waiting to be picked up I look at him he always looking back when I do. Not full on stares like


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  • well honestly there is absolutely know way to tell. because our logic is screwed lol. we feel lk if we seem nerveous than you know that we like you so we act confident so it dosnt seem that way... but wen we want to impress a girl we also look confident hoping that we will appear as if we lik you and hope that you feel the same way. good luck though I hope it works out! XD


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