Do guys care if I don't dress up?

I always wear jeans and t-shirts... doesn't matter where I'm going. I'm a full time college student and I just want to be comfortable. Recently I noticed that everyone I date wants me to put on a dress or something revealing. Do guys REALLY care what women wear?

P.S. I always fix my hair and wear makeup I just like being comfy. :)


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  • They possibly do if they also put in extra effort. If I ever went out on a date, I would say it's unneccesary to dress up like that, because then we would project our most perfect unattainable image and not who we are in our lives, BUT I am an exception to all dating, attraction and social rules therefore I would say yes, they care.


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  • They will care. The amount of effort you put in on the first date is a signpost. If your just in tee and jeans then they think hmmm if we stay together longer term this can only get worse i.e. greasy track pants and vests.

    Plus if your not WANTING to make an effort for a guy than darling, he obviously isn't taking your interest too much is he?

    ps. jersey material dresses are SO comfy so if you ever felt like a compromise :)

  • Of course,they expect you to be picture perfect every moment of your life