Guys: What do you think of girls with tattoos and piercings?

I have a nose and lip piercing and I'm getting my first tattoo for my birthday in January. My tattoo is going to be of a bass clef and treble clef symbol forming a heart on my inner right wrist. I'm definitely planning on getting more.

I was just curious what guys thought of girls with tattoos and piercings. I know some guys that love them and find them a turn on and others that find it disgusting and would never even think of a girl with them.


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  • Piercings. I can live with my girl having piercings but as long as it's more than one in one spot. For example 4 piercings on your nose. I think I'd only except lip and nose piercings though.

    I don't like girls with tattoos, like I mean it's OK if it's a small butterfly or name on her lower back or arm, but I wouldn't want to see a moving painting anytime her skin is revealed. I like that clean skin sh*t.

  • Other than the normal ear piercings, I don't really like them and I don't like tattoos either.


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