Does anyone else accidentally look back at people?

It seems like, whenever I figure out a guy has a crush on me, I notice when he's around, even if I'm not interested. Right now I have that exact thing: I'm not remotely interested, but the guy in question seems borderline obsessed, and starts going after me whenever I get anywhere near him. Since I really just want to avoid the issue (I hate turning people down), I keep an eye out, and try to avoid him.

The problem is, when I see him, I usually think , "Oh no, it's him!" and end up looking at him. Then his face lights up, because he thinks I'm responding to the looks he's giving me. And I'm just like NO, NO, NO. Does anyone else have this problem? It always happens to me, and then they only get more obsessed, and it becomes a disaster.


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  • Yep, I do it all the time. Whenever I'm trying my best not to look at something/someone, I always end up looking at it. It's a subconscious thing.

  • Yep, I do that too. When someone is looking at me, I automatically look at him. it's a reflex thing, nothing more than that