Speaking of crazy(well, not really) hair...?

Okay,so right now I have my natural hair color with hot pink, bright blue, and lime green hair extensions.And I kinda like them, but frankly they're annoying me now.So I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair, Should I go back to having bright orange tips (in my profile) or should I dye it darker again.Both looked pretty good on me.I guess.But I don't know, or I could do something else to it.But I don't know, I'm open to suggestions Thanks


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  • i think you should go with a one color hair.and I bet you'll look really cute or that pic you have on your profile

    you look really cute there.


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  • I think the orange tips look adorable.

    • Thank you : ] I think If get them again I'll go higher up...

    • Haha, I'm jealous! I've got super dark brown hair, it's almost black. I'm afraid to try to dye or bleach it or anything, I don't want to ruin it.

  • Personaly, I think I liked the orange tips better. It's just something different and seems like you are pulling it off really well.

    If you want to try something new, however, you can try going with one whole color. Go with the look that looks better.

    • Yeah, I think I'm starting to lean towards the orange tips, I liked them, I just hated that I had to bleach my hair...

  • i say dye it darker, but it is up to you what you like best.

    • Hmm...I dunno, I should do that, for the safety of my hair, but something just pulls me about the tips

    • If you really wanna do the tips they don't look all that bad on you!

    • Lol I did like the tips, because they were funky, but the darker looked really good too, it was like a lot of colors mixed together, so It was my hair darker but with an hint of it not natural...