How to go from blond to red?

Hello there; currently my hair is this color: link

But I want it to be this color: link

Do you have any tips on how I can do this? What products and colors are best to get this look? Will it turn orange if I try to dye it red?

Thank you for any advice!


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  • are you naturally this blond or fake?

    If you go to the salon they may be able to get it done for you at once but your hair might get damaged, and if you use a light shade of red it may turn to orange by time from the roots.

    what you need to use is a dark hot red and a dark brownish red, to get this color perfectly.

    I think best way to do it is to tone the yellow down a bit first with a brownish dark shade and ash color, so you can avoid going orange for a while.. then after few weeks you can get this color done perfectly. try to do some oily hair masks between these session to repair the damage and make it healthier.

    but don't worry its not that hard... its not like you re trying to go from black to blond or something... but remember red is as hard as black. once you go red, it takes ages to get red of the red shade of your hair.

    if you want products well Garnier seems to work fine but end to fade fast,... id recommend an Italian one but I forgot the name of the product it has a purple box .

    good luck

    • It's a dyed blond, I am naturally a dirty blond but I had made it lighter.

      By "dark hot red and dark brownish red" do you mean getting two dyes and mixing the colors into one giant vat of dye?

      I've never heard of oily hair masks, thanks for info!

    • Yes, you get one tube of a one color and mix it with another, check the catalogue for the right number and always expect a lighter result so get a darker shade to be on the safe side.

      If you re hair is dyed blond, best thing to do is to dye it twice:

      First: Get a Ash color ( its basically like grey or brown used to tone colors down) and another tube of a brown with a slight reddish shade to it, mix them together and dye it.

    • You will get a brownish with a reddish shade color, wait for two weeks or as long as possible.

      then you could get a Hot Dark Red and dye it without worrying about turning it to orange.

      Between these two sessions, yes you will need to use oil masks on the lower tips of the hair and creams on the roots, to repair the damage.

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  • I suggest trying cheap dye first. I use Revlon ColorSilk. It costs $4-$5 with tax. Try just dying a small strip of hair at first to test the color.

    • Thank you, I think I will try a small strip first or perhaps the temporary dyes.

  • sorry for the totally weird answer my computer was half blocked and I accidentally mixed up two questions

    anyway, it will turn oragne after it washes out alot, I dye my hair all the time, when I dyed it red [i had brown hair then] it turned out a really nice red, but got orange after a month or so... :(

    you'll have to re-dye it, but it should turn out OK. and you should take the darkest shade you can get. and don't use schwartzkopf. it burns like hell

    • Hahaha, the weird answer made me laugh :)

      Anyways... yeah, I used to dye my hair red all the time so I know how to up-keep it, but before I dyed it red it was a brown color, and this time it's a blond :( I just wasn't sure what will happen... guess I won't know until I try, eh?

      Thanks for the advice!

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