Healthy Salad Dressings?

I like to eat spinach salads.My favorite dressing is raspberry vinaigrette,I absolutely despise thousand island dressing and I do not like ranch on my salad.I found out my current "dressing' is 60 calories per every 2 teaspoons(I think) and to me,such high calories defeats the purpose of the salad.That's like ordering a Big Mac with a glass of water with a slice of lemon.


Any other healthy and tasty salad dressings?Is EVOO a good "dressing?"

How can I mix up salads,so I won't get bored?


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  • unless you're going to use a salad spritzer (which are terrible, imho), or eat a nonfat ranch (which somehow can frequently go as low as 20 calories per serving), 60 calories is pretty much as low as you're going to get for a salad dressing.

    i know wishbones zesty italian is 40, but that is a standout among most salad dressings ranging from 60 (pletny at that level) to 160 per serving.

    but really, its not fair to compare it to a big mac either. Big mac is 540 calories without soda or fries. your salad is probably only about 120 calories of spinach and 60 calories of dressing.

    • Why are the spritzers terrible?Is it the taste?Or just a bad concept as a whole?

      And the extra calories defeat the healthy purpose.And it is fair to compare,both unhealthy

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    • I don't eat apples and I count calories,the less calories the better

    • Just seems like a poor comparison. a big mac is 9x the calories the salad dressing is. I didn't know if I understood your comparison correctly. ha ha still dont. but it doesn't matter. def try the zesty italian by wishbone!

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  • You should try using pomagranate and olive oil, its really really good. That was too serious for me so now I am gonna end it with a f*** you.


    Mr. Smellsgood

  • That sounds quite nice, actually. I can't stand thousand island either, lol

    I'd just go to some oriental shop and look for mad dressings and check the calorie count on em, me.

  • salad just doesn't happen in england haha. You'd have it as more of a garnish than a meal

    • LOL, same here. I'm always confused when people talk about 'having a salad'. I think like, 'Ohh, gettin' a starter and all, ey?'

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    • I didn't use alot.I'm very ahh about calories

    • I can't imagine a big salad. I just see a plate filled with lettuce or something, and its weird. Why can't you eat food? LOOLLL.

      Makes sense about the weight problem, too. Present company accepted, ofcourse, but if you a nation can make a salad fattening, its on a certain road down, hahaha.

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  • I make my own dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic. It's good, cheap, and probably the healthiest salad dressing

  • vinegar and olive oil is pretty good. or lemon juice and olive oil.

    they also have those 1 calorie spritzer things