Weird question but, does prolonged eye contact with a person you once knew, indicate anything special?

there was this guy, and I thought he liked me and I fell for him too, but things didn't work out very well we never confronted we liked each other, just flirted here and there lightly, was on and off games of torture for several years. But now after a year of no speaking and resentment, when we keep running into each other being in the same school, it's like there's this weird notion where we know we're gonna run into each other, and it's like the intuition comes true and we both meet eyes immediately and look at each other for a while but don't know what to say...

I don't know about him, but I still like him and wished we could actually date now and start all over, but I feel like the balls are in his court, because last time I asked to hang out with him and he said he was busy...even though he continued to talk to me and say hi and stuff, he never took me out on a date...

I'm just confused about the eye contact, like how come I know I'm gonna run into him and how come he realizes my presence in a crowded hallway so fast or all the way across the street, and actually stops to notice me for a good minute...awkward silence...

any thoughts or views will help! I appreciate it...


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  • Yes, it means something like familiarity or attraction.


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