Are guys intimidated by beautiful girls?

I'm a bit of a shy person & people say I'm very beautiful.but guys don't approach me,they just stare & some smile that's it.


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  • Yes and No, imo. A beautiful woman can be very intimidating. When I see a very beautiful woman everything inside me starts to elevate. Heart rate, Blood pressure, etc. It's natural.Unfortunately that also means a lot of the time guys will automatically assume she has a boyfriend or wouldn't be interested in him anyway so they fail to apperoach. This happens to me a good deal to this day. I'm a pretty outgoing guy, but a very beautiful woman can paralyze the strongest man. I'm workingf on getting out of that bad habit of smiling and kepping it moving. I realize I could be missing out on a great girl who may be interested. Here's my suggestion for you; try to become 'the guy' a few times. What I mean by that is take on the traditional role that the guy is supposed to make the first move. When you see a guy glance at you, smile back genuinely to show you are open, warm and inviting. Lots of guys also feel that very beautiful women are also stuck up. Begin to show you are different by stepping out of your comfort zone a little and maybe starting the concersation with the guys. It's a win-win really. You are already beautiful, so you won't come off as desperate and men will love your confidence. Best of luck! ;)


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  • Of course. Guys can be intimidated for a number of reasons concerning beautiful girls. He might feel like he's not in your "league" and so he doesn't bother. He could feel like you have a bunch of guys already competing for your attention, so there's no point in him even trying. He could be shy and not know what to say or be bad at talking to girls in general. It could be a number of things really.

    You also mentioned that you are shy. One thing that is very common is that a lot of people can confuse shy people for being stuck up. They see you not talking to people and acting as if you aren't happy, so they think that you are not in a good mood and therefore don't approach. If you make yourself more approachable by maybe smiling at a guy or starting a conversation, he might be more willing to talk to you.

  • yea


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