Black women, are you attracted to white men and what sort?

This is in no way meant to come off offensive to anyone and hopefully it isn't but this is just my attraction and only mine.

I think black women are the most gorgeous women on the planet, I love their hair, I love their personalities (and no I don't mean the stereotypical ghetto type) and I also love the really dark ones too.

I just want to know would you be willing to date a white guy and if you would what is it you like about us and what type of white guy do you think would be more, or less willing to date you and what are your reasons for wanting to date a white guy.

I want to marry a black girl, they are so awesome!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm in college and my roommate is a black girl who is dating a white guy, they've been dating for almost two years and really love each other. She's always been attracted to white guys. I'm sure you'll find a black girl who will like you!


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'm a bi-racial (black & white) and there's a lot of white guys I know that feel same way as you. There's not a lot of black people in my town but all the black girls I know would date white guys.

  • I'm a black woman and I like men of all races especially white men, I come from a place where its considered "ghetto" and I don't see other races besides Blacks Hispanics and Asians.

  • I love all races so I would love to date a sexy white guy who respected me and didn't care too much about my skin color. I like white guys that are tall with blonde hair and green or blue eyes.

  • Um overall I prefer men that are colored (black, hispanic, biracial) but I have seen attractive white guys before. the type of white guy I tend to find attractive has a muscular build, tan or olive skin, dark hair and is well groomed, kind of a bad boy, dresses nice, and is confident and outgoing. not really the preppy frat boy types, or the kind that tries to be black. I don't know if I would date a white guy though, if I did he would have to be a really good guy because well I'm not racist or anything but I have heard a lot of stuff that a lotta white guys want to date black girls to get a taste of chocolate but won't marry them. well obviously not you since you said you wanted to marry a black girl, but I think you're in the minority of white guys who are interested in black girls.


What Guys Said 2

  • I seem to be finding a lot of these threads. I'll just post and wait for the answers to come in...

  • Of course some of them do. It seems like a questions pops up on here about a black girl wanting to get the attention of white guys at least once a week or it feels like it.