Nails and hair growing thicker and faster - TIPS?

I used to bite my nails from age 3 until age 15.

I got inspired by a nail art tutorial and haven't bitten them since December 30 2009.

2 months ago I started using this amazing strengthening oil, which is spread onto the nail plate the same way you put nail polish on... It really did a great job. They are harder than ever.

But my nails are peeling and sometimes even breaking! I am intending to start doing several procedures these days... Like spreading tincture of iodine, almond/olive oil, a cuticle care creme, lemon juice - I've heard all of these help. I also take some pills which are meant to stimulate hair and nail growth...

But anyway - what's the normal nail/hair growth rate? I am an ex hair puller too (let's say I stopped pulling a month ago).

What should I do? :( I know few girls whose hair grows real quick and they have the perfect nails and I am SO JEALOUS! :( Help!


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  • Lol I know this question is super old but I just figured out some good tips a few weeks ago and wanted to share. I use a paint on nail strengthener, sounds like what you use too. But what helps keep my nails from peeling as much is always keeping them painted, even if it's just the clear coat of the strengthener and to massage lotion on my nails and around them like my cuticles. Nail polish protects my nails and helps them grow stronger but some other girls complain it weakens their nails. Try it and see how your nails react. I use the lotion trick at least once a day, preferably up to 3x a day. I also find it makes my nails grow faster, like how massaging the scalp makes hair grow faster. The only other thing I'm doing is taking multivitamins with biotin in them. Hope this helps! And if you have any great tips you found out, please share :)

    • Thanks a lot, mangageek! ^^ Well, what I'm currently doing for my hairs is: wash it with baby shampoo only (Johnson's baby actually), regularly put hair masque on, almost never straighten it; and I use a special gel that stimulates the growth. My mom got it from a pharmacy.

  • On average, hair grows about a half-inch per month, or six inches per year. Some people grow a little more, some a little less.

    Try prenatal vitamins. While they can't make your hair grow faster or longer, they do help keep it healthy. They also strengthen your nails.

    You should simply take good care of your hair if you want it to be healthy. Perhaps buy some special shampoo and conditioner? In fact, taking care of your body in general by consuming the proper vitamins and minerals can promote hair growth and health.

    Don't bite your nails, and please don't go back to pulling your hair! I hope I have helped you.