What do guys look for?

What personality and behavioral traits to sweet/sensitive teenage guys look for in a girl?


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  • Hot and non-bitchy.

    Here's the thing - look good, don't be a bitch, and the rest should sort itself out. As far as looking good, take care of your hair, advice from hair-care sites so it looks extra shiny, but on small layers of foundation and concealer, but not so much that it looks caky, ditch the fake tans, the blush, go to the gym, and either a) straighten your hair, or b) get it wavy. Whichever you do, flatten your fringe down, so it looks like that 50:50 bangs:face ratio thing. Possibly try a headband, so wavy-shiny-flat-fringe-headband with cute design. Try a skirt, nothing below the knees, and dress fairly simply. Nothing complex or overly trendy.

    The reason for some of these is that guys often decide if a girl is a bitch or not from the way they look. And while the requirements for looking bitchy vary between guys, the requirements for looking good don't. Bitchy girls can often be associated with girls who follow fashion trends, where those ridiculous giant sunglasses or those shirts that say things like "You say bitch like it's a bad things!". Anything like this can make you look high-maintenance, and doesn't necessarily make you look better to guys. So keep your clothes and accessories simple, your hairstyle un-slutty and your look natural, and possibly sweet.

    A skirt makes you look feminine, and simple clothes make you look like you aren't high-maintenance, low make-up accentuates your good points on your face without drowning them, and the hairstyle, while not every guy's taste, will at least not turn off the ones who prefer it straight and grab the attention of the ones who like it like that. And above all, try to look friendly and approachable.

    You'll notice I've just gone on and on about your appearance. That's because that's what guys pay attention to first. Everything else comes later. That doesn't mean that there aren't any that are more attractive than others. To start making them think they like you, be a little shy when talking to them, but not so shy you don't talk to them at all. Shy smiles at guys work wonders on them. Lean towards looking and being sweet and innocent as opposed to bitchy and high-maintenance. Some girls don't know how to act sweet or innocent, and come off as annoying. So here's some don'ts for that:

    -Don't pretend to be stupid. That's a turn off.

    -Don't fall into cliches like "Ha ha ha, I'm evil of doom penguin!" sort of jokes.

    -Don't be clingy, oh my god, don't be clingy. Just don't do it.

    Pay attention to their body language while you're doing this. You might start getting hints that they might start liking you. That said, lots of the type of guy you're looking for at this age might be shy and not approach you on those grounds, but that's a whole other discussion.

    If you need any further advice on anything I've said, google is your friend.

    • Oh, also, it really helps if you share their interests, so dabble in a few of the more obscure things like anime, certain video games and of course, sports.

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  • All you have to do is show a little interest in a guy and you will find out if he is interested. I like girls that are chill but have that outgoing side as well. Seriously though you can only be yourself because its hard to change. You really need to show interest in a guy and like the other guy said have things in common.

  • Just out of high school so yeah...

    I like it when I see girls who are kind, like they're not going to go all bitchy or manipulative. If she's herself, and if she seems real, as in down to earth, not daydreaming but smart and honest. I know when I was there I didn't want to deal with a bunch of drama bullsh*t, I just wanted to honestly connect romantically with someone who was a good person.


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