Girls, what shampoo do you use for your fine-haired do?

I'm curious.

i have very thin soft hair that has a natural wave to it. (It's long, to the middle of my back.) I guess they are calling it the 'tousled look'.

Because of this it looks fluffy and dry. (it's not dry mind you just looks that way because it frizzes out everywhere)

Was wondering what you may use to help make your hair shiny and soft and under control -without- weighing it down and or making it sticky or crunchy.

i've tried the herbal essences tousle me softly stuff with varying success but there is still a small crunch factor and a lot of fussing involved.

i can't just 'wash and go' anymore...shampoo companies are changing their formulas now faster then I can keep up.


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  • I have the same hair type! I've tried it all and this has worked the best for me:

    -I use herbal essences shampoo (the orange one that's supposed to add body)

    -then I use infusium moisture conditioner (its moisturizing but really light and doesn't effect the hair volume)

    -i scrunch my hair with my fingers a little right after I turn off the water in the shower and fluff the roots

    -i then use the herbal essences orange bottle body mousse and focus on scrunching it in mose near the roots

    -i blow dry with a diffuser. it takes much less time and adds volume

    when I go out:

    I lift my hair in layers at the top and flip each layer the opposite way, spry hair spray on the roots, blow dry, and then flip it back over

    that technique works every time and adds a lot of volume and stays for a long time

    I'll show you a pic of my hair type it's very thin and fine but the stuff I do to it works really well and I've been doing it for years. It's about this length


    • This is a lot more product then I want to put in my hair. in my experience moose =crunch. But thank you for such a detailed account! I'm sure someone will get some tips from it :)

    • The orange mousse isn't crunchy, but the hair spray can be if you spray it all over instead of just on the roots. I would recommend using the mousse though

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  • L'Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Volume shampoo. :)

    And to smooth it, I use Tresemme 24 Hour Body Weightless Creme, it gets rid of frizziness but doesn't weigh my hair down.

  • My hair's exactly like that too... I use Aussie moisturizing shampoo 5 days a week (using it more often dries out your hair) and conditioner every time I wash my hair, and I always, always, always rinse my hair with freezing cold water. 3 days a week, I use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle stuff, which is amazing, and to top it all off, I use Aussie Hair Insurance, a leave in in conditioner which you just spray on. I promise, I'm not being paid by the Aussie people--I just really love their products, and they smell really good too! Finally, I try to let my hair air dry because hair driers and flat irons and curling irons should only be used 3 times a week because they fry your hair.

    • You like the roo in your do, do ya? hehe I haven't used aussie stuff either. sounds promising! thank you for the info. :) I'll see which shampoo is on sale when I go out today then post some results later.

  • I have really thin hair, so I don't mess w/it much, meaning I don't style it. To wash my hair, I use Advanced Techniques: Intensive Repair, Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner from Avon.. leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. I love it! smells lovely too.. kinda weird for a tomboy to say, but it's true :P

    • I was about to say I never heard of it until you mentioned avon. ;) Do you have issues with frizzy looking hair at all?

    • My hair is frizzy, yes.. I've been trying this Growth Lotion stuff.. seems to get rid of the frizz, but my hair constantly looks wet or greasy. Not a good thing.. I use to use mousse or gel, that worked better.. but I did have my hair in a ponytail all day long in HS.. LOL so it worked for that style ^_^

  • pantene pro v beautiful lengths helps mine. Biosilk is good too because its very lightweight. dove has many good shampoos as well.

    • I've tried some Dove shampoos but didn't like the result.. tho the SMELL is freaking amazing.

  • try this