Is it bad for the new girl I just started dating to see recent pics of my ex and I on facebook?

So me and my ex broke up like 5 months ago! We sort of stayed friends and she came over to my new state for a visit. We had agreed on basically a weekend booty call and a visit to Chicago. This turned into her secretly trying to win me over for a long distance relationship. The relationship is the the focus of the question. The problem is, we stopped being together in May and she came to visit in September. On the trip, she took pics of us together and put it on facebook. So I added my new love interest on facebook as she asked me to so I can look at her many pictures. I am realizing now after adding her that my recent pictures are ALL with me and my ex. I do not take many pics without her, so it almost appears that we broke up around a month ago.

So the question is, if it appears I broke up with a girl recently, will this ruin my chances of a new girl thinking I am serious about a new relationship with her?

Also, on the flip-side, if my ex is EXTREMELY attractive, does that make me appear to be a better catch?


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  • I don't think so. If you are really interested in a girl you'll prove it to her, your ex doesn't have anything to do about it. She will probably wonder about your ex, just put her mind at ease and that should do it. Some guys don't understand that sometimes what can kill things is the "Game." As long as you don't play a jealousy card or anything like it, you shouldn't worry about anything.

    • Please elaborate for me about a jealousy card and game. My best assumption is that I am trying to get my ex back by making HER jealous with the new girl.

      Actually, like I had said, we are just friends. She happens to be very attractive.

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    • if I am OK with pushing my ex away and want this new girl to have more attention, should I add pictures of the first date with the new girl to facebook? I mentioned putting it on facebook and she seemed OK with it. I am just freaking out now because after 2 days she hasn't accepted. Usually acceptances are very fast!

      So, should I put the pics of me and her up and just not tag her? Thus sending old girl further away and new girl hopefully closer?

    • Yeah. Putting your pics on fb is totally fine. Look at it as if she was just a random friend. You wouldn't think too much about adding those pics, so why should you do it with her. Don't freak out about that or about the acceptance. Sometimes it takes me even a week to look at fb because I'm either busy or just checking fb really quick. If it really bothers you, ask her casually without showing you cared so much. Maybe she just doesn't go online that often.

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  • it shouldn't really

    but yeah, it will get people wondering if you still like your ex since you have so many pictures with her.

    it shouldn't be a problem though if you explain that you and your ex are just friends :)

    other than that I think you will be fine


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  • Meh. It shouldn't but if it clearly looks as if you are still attached to her it could raise some eyebrows to where your loyalty will ultimately lay. I just remember talking to a girl about how I recently got out of a relationship and she straight up told me.. like " that may be an issue" then she continued to with "do you still love her?" My advice is just leave them up if you like them.. if this supposedly amazing woman comes along you two can talk about it.. if it bothers her then take it down. But as they are facebook probably rated G photos and this girl lives far away.. I wouldn't think about it unless it was brought up. I'm not sure how helpful that is.. =X

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