I look really young for my age and it's been working against me. What do I do?

I'm 30 but I look about 10 years younger than I am. I look weird approaching girls who are my own age and I feel like a pedo approaching younger girls who I look like I "fit in" with more. Also I have trouble growing facial hair so that is out, the best I can get is some stubble. Any solutions on what to do about this problem?


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  • I am the same way, except I am a retired model. I do not have facial much facial hair. I think this is because I am 1/4 Native American. I don't know if your good looking or not, but, it has never never been a problem for me. I just turned 26, I look around 19-20. Why in the world you feel like a pedo reeling in 20 year old girls is beyond me. Yeah mentally we don't have much in common with them, but under the sheets they are f***ing demons. Live your life before you get to old and don't have the option. It is what it is, I enjoy it. The only reason you can't pull women your own age is because your own insecurities.


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  • I feel for you because I too look younger then my age! I'm 30 and many times I've had people, both men and women who think I'm in my mid to late teens!

    Why do you think you look "weird" approaching women your own age? Do you know how many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to achieve what you naturally have?

    Are you a confident person in general? How do you carry yourself when you are out in public? How do you speak to people? All of these things will help you when it comes to your "problem" that many would kill to have. No amount of facial hair will be able to help you to look older because you naturally look younger for your age and personally, I think a clean shaven face looks a lot better! ;)


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  • I know it's been a problem for you, but you could try to use it in your favor... Like joke around about it with girls of your own age you know?

    Or maybe you could try to change the way you dress.. Try to dress more like a serious guy, it gives some impression that you're older I think...

    About facial hair, just keep shaving because it will make your beard grow stronger then eventually try to grow a beard for some time to see if it improved