Asking girls: do you think cross-dressing is weird?

I'm a 17 year old guy, and I own a pair of TNA (really awesome yoga pants for woman) pants and 3 thongs. Now there is a reason behind this:

1: the pants, I needed tight soft stretchy pants so I could wear jeans + snowpants over top of them when snowmobiling (my hobby) when it's -20C or below

2: I own the thongs, because they hold my nuts nicely and I don't get BSTL (Balls Stuck To Leg) Guys you know what I'm talking about.

I'm very heterosexual, don't get me wrong, guys 20+ usually don't even blind when I say I have TNA's and things, they just say "whatever works man"

But I feel like girls think it's so weird and completely inappropriate that men wear their clothes, when they can prance around in boys clothes.

So I'm asking you girls, what is your opinion on cross-dressing and how would you feel in your boyfriend/someone close was one?


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  • Personally, wouldn't care at all. Whatever floats your boat and works for what you do. And honestly I agree, anything that can go under jeans and snow pants in 20 below is good with me.

    However, yes some girls would find this disturbing. I feel that's kind of shallow of them though, and they should be ignored. It's a terrible double standard that you can be a tom boy, but not a tom girl so to speak.


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  • I don't really care, but they do make guys running/cold weather tights that are just as comfy as girls yoga pants but a whole lot warmer and they wick away moisture


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  • Thongs are for chicks. Leave it that way.

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