Guys, will this make it worse or better?

this guy and I have been trying to be friends lately. I'll explain that:

we have class together four days a week. I had a crush on him since last semester and I caught him looking at me a few times. anyway, he looks at me sometimes, but won't talk. I used to initiate convos and we'd really hit it off. sometimes. other times, we won't speak to each other. I started to feel like I was bothering him, so I stopped initiating convos...however, HE started talking to me. again, we'd talk and hit it off, but for a day or three or the whole week, we won't even look at each other. again, we'll talk for a week, non stop, and then BAM - awkward silences/ignoring me/glancing at me and never speaking.

whenever we have these awkward moments, he breaks them by coming up to me and making a joke. I laugh, we talk again. but I'm constantly unsure of if he's going to ignore me or talk to me. it's very frustrating because when we talk, we're like best friends, but then he stops talking to me for a day(s) and I don't get it.

I'm almost certain he likes me. he always looks at me, he blushes a lot around me, he gets jealous if I talk to other guys, etc. it's weird.

at any rate, I was going to ask him why he was acting this way. something along the lines of 'i don't know if it's just me, but I feel like some days we don't know how to talk to each other. one day we're always talking and the next we're not' etc. would this be helpful or would it make him more awkward?

can a get an opening line that will lead up to this? after the joking around, how do I bring it up? some exact quoting would be good :)
more opinions welcomed! I'm nervous lol


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  • It wouldn't be awkward if you initiated it at the right moment. Don't just walk up to him and ask him that question; he might get defensive. Just talk like you two normally do and then ask it after a good laugh, maintaining the smile on your face. He might get scared if you ask him too seriously.

    • We're more than likely going to walk out of class together. I planned on asking him to check out this building we wanted to see together and ask him there or would that be awkward?

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    • Okay, weird... got it! I'm such an awkward person. I'm sure it'll be funny because I'll probably make an ass out of myself out of nervousness. thank you!

    • No problem. Good luck to you!

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