Broken up for 6months... is he interested again at all or no?

Kinda long sorry but need some help!

So, about 6 months ago my boyfriend of a year and half and myself break up. We lived together, had a puppy, and he seemed to love me very much. Anyways, I was not a very nice person the last months of us dating, I would text this one particular guy and he send me pictures in his underwear. So my boyfriend broke up with me took all the stuff and moved to a different city. I spent a month or so balling and begging him back but he honestly didn't want anything to do with me... So I try and move on, even get another boyfriend but its not right, I still miss and love my ex. Finally I tell him I still miss him he replies with jokes, and says "well never date again." Anyways weeks go on, I stop talking to him again. And of course I again strike up conversation. I tell him I'd be perfect for him now, I decided what I wanted to take in college, I got a job on the weekend instead of partying, and also I don't talk to other guys anymore. He replies with " I doubt it, what about that one hockey player' I say " no he was just my friend anyways" he then said " don't lie to me I know you better then that" then I said " who cares, I'm in your city next week for modeling, and you're the only person I care about, hang out with me after?" He just replies with a "Maybe." Then I say " okay well I have tickets to the hockey game if you wanna come" he says " ya sure"

So the day I'm in his city is upon us, and I text him " what's up" and he just says he's at the gym. He didn't text me first and his reply what kinda blah. So I just say " okay well I'm leaving the city." Then he replies " whys that" And I said " well I'm all done in the city" then he said "so what" so I just said " so what" then he said.. " we'll if you wanna hang out come over" so I said " well do you want me to" and he said " sure" So it didn't seem he was that stoked or was beating around the bush or something so I just said " okay well I'm driving outta town now, and if you wanna just have the tickets its cool, take whoever you want" then he said " well ill go with you if you wanna go" then I said " no its cool take them and he said " don't be all blah blah if you wanna come with me then come I'm awesome." Then we kept kinda chatting back and forth and then he asked me to send him a picture of my boobs, and I teased back and told him to send a pic...and the back and forth asking kinda went on.. and I joked and said no say something nice to me... then he said " well I think your hot, now send" and " I said no one budging I'm not sending, plus I have a boyfriend right now and I'm not a skid, did you even want to hang out with me today" and he said " ya" then I said " me too, anyways better go to bed, if you want the tickets ill mail them to you, or let me know if you wanna take me, night" then he said " goodnight"...

I know I broke his hear before I wasn't the best girlfriend, but I realize my mistakes... is he still interested?


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  • if ou have a boyfriend why you leading him on again? your messing with the guy and he was clearly only interedsted in getting it on with you..i don't think there is any future in this and he obv don't want you back and to be honest I don't blame him.

    • Well no I broke up with they guy I was dating because I was talking to my I didn't really have strong feelings towards him. I'm going to the hockey game with my ex on thursday.. But you don't think he's interested?

    • Not really but I could be wrong..he seems guarded and he prob don't trust you. sounds like he only wants to sleep with you..he prob will get what he wants and treat you bad as that's what you did to a revenge thing..but hey I might be wrong..he just don't seem keen on you other than sex

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