How can you tell when someone likes you?

How can you tell if a boy in your class likes you? How do you guys act around girls you like?


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  • You should learn to read guys signals, girl, I have the right thing you need.

    Your first attention should be focusing on that what kind of companion your guy is into. I must tell you, your fun, intelligence, and sense for exciting will make a major role in this. Share different activities with your guy, let him feel free to behave around you in the way he wants. It’s very healthy for building you relationship. Make up few jokes, laugh with him, and show him your sense of humor. He will love it, believe me.

    These were few tips in one huge subject, and a big mystery in general, what is that guy want. One day maybe that secret whole will be discovered, and come out from the shadows of the unknown. But until then, you’ll have to learn from these advices, and walk step by step towards the secret of what guys want.

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    Good luck!


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  • ask for a favour which he will decline for any other boy. like ask for making notes/preparing project/any hard working thing. men usually don't like to hard work for other male friends. but if a beautiful girl is asking and they are interested then they will do anything for you!

    and about signs, if the boy talks to you and touches his face many times, like beard,area, where hair growth is there. and also neck/


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