Guys, what things do girl do with clothes that are a turn off?

Whenever I see with "scrunched" hair, that looks like jerry curl it gross me out. What do you think of the "poof"? What do you think about girls that wear ribbons in their hair? Be honest please!


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  • Agreed on jerry curls. Looks good on only a small number of girls that have it. The poof has always been borderline slutty for me but with Jersey Shore it's been taken to another level. Good for going out and for Jersey Shore themed parties but otherwise it's a no-go. Ribbons have a very Asian look to them, and unless you're Asian I wouldn't recommend it. Even if you are I would consider some other options. The one girl that wears a ribbon on my college campus is always referred to as "the girl with the ribbon". Not really what you want to be be considered unless you're going for the cute schoolgirl look.

    • There's a girl in my class that has waist length hair, she scrunches it and it looks like crappy jerry-curl *ugh*

      and then the girl next to her is UGLY

      i'm not saying to be mean, but her face is just not pretty, even when she smiles

      She ALWAYS wear a poof to class, with a ribbon, and it just looks like crap on her.

      Scarlett Johannsen looks good with one on though

    • Yeah beautiful people can generally make any style look good. Try sitting in front of them so you don't have to look at their ugly hairstyles lol


      the girl with the jerry curl has a pretty face, but she's a bitch

      but maybe she's not pretty because she can't rock the jerry-curl?

      that improves my self confidence!

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  • Here's a list of things that my guy friends say they hate: UGGS, red claws, big sunglasses, big bags, parachute pants, bejeweled clothing, gold/tacky logos, shapeless dresses.

    I've found that most guys agree with that list.

    Which sucks because I love my sunnies and boho look but who cares what they think anyway :)

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