My bod looks good, but do I show it off?

I workout religiously, and train for mma... My last girlfriend described me as upside down triangles put together if that helps. I'm a slender guy but I know how women tend to react when they see me in tank tops and such... I'm not trying to brag, this is a genuine question.

I've had women who never say anything to me, see me in a tank top, and then never leave me alone afterward... Yeah I know poor thing... I take pride in being my age and looking like I do. But I don't want someone to only be attracted to me for just that reason... I mean hell my with is way more fun lol I can't vow to never go shirtless again... Your thoughts?


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  • yeah show it off, if you're proud of how you look then let people see that you're confident of having that body... but if you see that the ladies are like only paying attention to your body then show your personality too and then you will find someone that really is going to be attracted by your personality/the way you are and your physique =]!


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  • Show it off, but you can gauge the type of girl she is by how she reacts. Then you can pick out what kind of girl you want.


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