What attracts you the most about a guy?

Give me at least 10 things that attracts you to men and why.


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  • umm let me think about that one:

    1. his personality

    2. his eyes

    3. the way he actss around my friends

    4. how he treats me

    5. his hobbies

    6. the little things that he says to me or what I say that he remembers

    7. his smile

    8. his laugh

    9. the way he thinks that I'm his girl

    10. loves me like no other guy does and only his

    11. the way he looks at me

    12. the way that I see him perfectly though I know he isnt, but I see him perfectly

    13. his way of walking (like his own style)

    14. looking into his eyes and seeing everything that I ever wanted in a guy

    i guess there is plenty more but I seriously can't remember anymore of them, I guess I was just basing this on my boyfriend but that's what I look at overall, I mean my boyfriend is all those things and more but yeah, I hope I have helped answer your question!


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  • -Funny


    -Optimistic and not complaining :)


    -Smart and not a plank

    -Confident and not arrogant



  • In no particular order:

    1. Smile

    2. Their caring nature i.e. the way they protect us girls

    3. Personality

    4. Hair

    5. Clothes

    6. Laugh

    7. Smell

    8. Eyes

    9. Cuteness when they're shy

    10. Just being themself


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