I do not see anyone as "hot" or even "attractive" in terms of their outward appearance?

I notice people on this website and even my friends in person are very free to express who they think is attractive, hot, etc. Even at 24 years old, I cannot say anyone is "hot", and even if I did, I dismiss it completely because I just feel it is very superficial. I used to suffer from horrible acne as a teenager and I refuse to just look at the outer appearance.

I feel so alone in this. Am I the only one like this?


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  • No, I get where you're coming from. I often feel the same way. Like I can't stand "hot" girls because they look so fake yet no one else really seems attractive either... And I'm not asexual. I like "pretty" and "cute" girls and it's really hard for me to find one that I think is attractive.


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