The 1 to 10 scale, what do certain numbers mean?

Okay, I'm wondering what range of numbers do you consider ugly, decent looking and good looking?


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  • 10 - unbelievably gorgeous. Pretty rare. At least in my book, to get a ten you have to have a combo of super awesome looks and a super awesome personality.

    8-9 - realllly attractive. You're damn lucky if I rate you this high. ;)

    7-8 - attractive

    6-7 - average to attractive

    5-6 - average, most people fall into this category - not a bad thing. Personality can make an average person higher, though.

    4-5 - slightly unattractive to average. Still decent though.

    3-4 - kinda ugly. Not like especially ugly, but still.

    2-3 - really ugly

    1-2 - unbelievably ugly. This is also pretty rare.

    0-1 - face stomped on by elephant level ugly. Like, that guy who was locked in the basement in The Goonies, in other words, almost nonexistent.

    Yeeeep. But despite how long/detailed this is, I really don't think about people's attractiveness in numbers. Writing this was just for my entertainment. ;)


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  • dont worry bout that crap, its stupid and shallow. there is no single person that everyone will agree on being attractive. it just doesn't happen. and looks don't make a relationship.

  • Basically the ranges from 1-3 are ugly,4-6 is your not attractive but I would go out with you as a last resort, 7-8 is decent to moderatly good looking, 9-10 is beautiful

  • 1-3 is butt ugly, 4-6 is ugly to boneable, 7-9 is decent, 10 is Jessica Biel

    I would rate you at a 6 probably. Japanese would get you at least a 7.

  • 1-3 Ugly

    4-6 Average

    6-7 Cute

    8-9 Beautiful

    10 Gorgeous!

    And you're a 10 gj you win! :D


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