Why is she looking at me everytime I was near, and her friend also looking at me?

This happen since last year,i use to hang out with my friends in the badminton hall,when I'm in badminton hall.She will come and see me pretend to go to the school primary section(my school badminton hall is connected to primary and secondary).When I'm not in badminton hall,she won't be there too.(I have try this 4 times).When my friend(which is my betrayal)ask his friend to ask her do she like me or not.Then his friend go ask that girl do she like me or not.She ask who you mean I like?Then his friend point at me,then the girl laughed and say no.Since then she (the girl) look at me so many times even ask her friend so see me as well...whats wrong actually?

i put my year wrongly,..=/ it should be 1991 which means 19 to 28...


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  • It seems that she's attracted to you.

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