Guys...Have You Had Enough?

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful weekend together...went out Friday night, sex, went to haunted houses Saturday night, sex, woke up Sunday with coffee together and then:

I get the "good night" text on Sunday...

A 4pm phone call on Monday starting with, "I had a second now...

and ending with, "I'll try to call you later...

And now nothing since?!?!?!?!

So I'm lingering here in, will it bother him if I text him?

Doesn't he have one second to text me?

It ended with he's gonna call ME so does that mean I should leave him alone?

Now I'm sitting here wondering these maybe you can tell me...of course as a woman, I want to hear that he's waiting to hear from me...but inside I feel that possibly he's gotten enough of me this weekend and I should wait til he "misses" me again.

Hit me!


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  • Why not send him a good morning or good night text?

    • Well that's kinda why I'm askn the question....i don't know if it would "bother" maybe he's gotn me out of his system so to speak, and I'm afraid of seeming like "hey, I'm here" "its me" "remember me?" idk...we've only been dating for 5 months but that's every other weekend due to us both having kids...were

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    • I LOVE my girlfriend, I mean I truly do. I send her a good morning text almost every day. I love talking to her. Sometimes I forget to send a text in the morning, either I'm busy, or I'm rushed or something. So don't sweat this. Send him a text and feel him out. If he is truly bothered by a few texts from you then maybe he's not the right guy. Be yourself, be as needy as you want to be, if he can't handle it, then its his loss. Don't change yourself for people.

    • Ok, knowing that YOU get "too busy" sometimes to send that morning text puts me at ease ;) thanks so much for your time today!!!

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  • Okay. From a guy who is divorced and has kids and typically dates the same. Now that I have established credibility on the issue. Do not assume anything yet. That being said, it does sound odd...but that doesn't mean he isn't interested. I agree with the other guy a - a good night - hope your day went ell text makes sense...don't ask him to call thin about guys - if they are interested they will always call at some point! Don't panic yet...but as a woman you could have texted him before 4pm - and just said you had a great time...guage things too - being a traditional woman is over rated in these siruations...just my opinion..also many 40 year old men are not unlike there 20 year old counterparts...players..just more experienced (watch for signs)

    • Ok, he's not a player, just wana give him a "reprieve" if that's what he needs...maybe having feelings he doesn't WANT to have for me so he's backn himself off a bit? idk...lots of thoughts...just don't want to be "annoying" so as a woman, and not like my 20 year old don't want to be bothersome ;) thanks for the input!

  • I would send him a text and see when /and how the response is...I hope he responds quickly...I would be worried if I were you!

  • If you have reason to contact him then go ahead and do it. If you simply want to contact him because you're feeling needy then I would urge you against it.

    • You know what, you're right...I don't have a reason to contact him! And I'm not feeling needy. Just like my goodmorning and my good night text which I didn't get so I'm just being stupid right? lmao

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