Signs she likes you when talking?

so me and my friend whom is a girl (the one I like) are having lunch and when I walk in she immediately perks up and smiles at me when we talk over lunch she kinda keeps eye contact but when I directly look her in the eyes while talking she kinda slightly glances away like she doesn't want me to look at her straight in the pupils

do you think she might like me?

do you guys think this is negative or positive?

am I over thinking this?


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  • Based on how I act, I think she likes you, she's looking away for one of these reasons :

    1) She fears you will see that she's nervous.

    2) your pupils dilate when you like someone. If she knows this, she doesn't want you to notice.

    3) When you look at her like that, she's afraid she'll blush.

    4) She feels you're being to invasive.

    • Is she insecure? Because she may not like when guys stare str8 at her face. I doubt the pupil part, that's just a random fact few people know or will remember.

      If she's just being shy, then she'll blush and that definantly means she likes you.

    • Aha, it's something I always remember. But that's just me.

  • Do keep in mind that you guys are friends, and as such, she might just naturally perk up when she sees you. Keep a tab on how she behaves around her other friends.

    The eye contact though could be an indication that she likes you. Personally speaking, if I find a guy attractive and have a crush on him, I'd try to reciprocate that gaze but would have to glance away before looking back every so often, because I get so nervous.

    Not sure what the current space is between the two of you, but next time you're engaged in a conversation and holding your gaze, try to step into her personal space more and see how she reacts through her body language.


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