"Home Body" a turn-off?

I'm 20, having a tough time finding or initiating any conversations with a girl that I might find cute. I'm more of a laid back "home body" type guy and not really into the party/club scene. I'm afraid this might be a turn-off for a lot of girls because it seems I would say 80% of girls my age or close to it are not into that. Most want to party, am I just running into a lot of the same types or are their more out there and if there are where would be the best place to hang out to meet people similar to me?


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  • Well first off I would say to not try to make it work if that is not what your into but you could try to to dating them or whatever but if she doesn't like you because of who you are then it shouldn't matter and its probably not worth dealing with but there not all like at especially as you age and they mature but go places that interest you that you enjoy doing and most likely you will meet someone with similar tastes but I wouldn't worry too much about it you'll find someone you'll hit it off with similar tastes