Clothes for second date.

what should I wear for a second date (shes coming over) dress up as if clubbing or jeans and t shirt


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  • I think it's sexy when a man either dresses formerly. as if he's got LOADS of money on him.

    or if he wears casual clothes as if he doesn't care what people think. but not something flashy like a suit and tie. that is too vain. I think vain guys are feminine.

    • You confuse me lol, then again you ARE a woman that's your job. I see your underlining point I think and that is to show that I take care of myself and look confident

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  • laid back but look good I don't know if its just me but there is nothing sexier than a guy with ruffed up hair and a pair of distressed jeans and a white T


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  • i'd say go with classy/casual. if you can define that for yourself, then you know what I mean.

    ie. a little more than a band shirt and jeans, but not all dressy with tie, dress shirt, etc. I guess kinda like going out clubbing, maybe tone down the style a bit, be more comfy.

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