Looking for some good road rage stories?

Anyone out there crack any heads lately or had a good driving argument? anyone at least give the finger once in a while?


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  • I was close to beating the s*** out of a woman and man today more the woman. I was driving to work and this a******s in front of me is driving like a crippled dog! I decided to go around him but when I tried he went in front of me. So I honked the horn and what he does is stick his middle finger at me so at this point I started screaming at him. A person behind me tried to go around him as well but he wouldn't let them. People behind me started screaming and beeping there horns. All of a sudden this lady sticks her head out of the passenger window and started cursing all the words in the book at everyone, especially me. So at this point its been 45 mins! I'm extremely p*ssed because 1- I'm late to work, my boss must be p*ssed off and now I'm going to have to hear his mouth! 2-This d*****bag couple is in my way wouldn't let me go through 3- This man and woman keep cursing at me for no apparent reason. '' Just move out of the damn way everyone has places to go and people to see! MOVE!'' I yelled. So the man stops the car and his wife, girlfriend whatever she is gets out of the car and knocks on my window. I lower the window and she starts yelling at me. Then I got out of my car and we started arguing this is how it basically went:

    W***e- B***h stop cursing at us.

    Me- One don't call me a b***h and two move out of the damn way can't you see everyone has to go somewhere. Why won't you let anyone through !?

    W***e- Listen B***h were having a bad day so leave us alone

    Me- So what! Everyone has there bad days it doesn't make it right for you and him to be doing this!

    W****- Boyfriend. And whatever you can't make us move out the way.

    Me- Your wrong. I could make you but then I would go to jail.

    W***e- ... Whatever.

    While were arguing everyone goes around us and leaves. While they pass all you here is people cursing at her but my favorite one I heard was 'Damn bitch you finally stopped sucking on your guys d*** and let us through, next time do it in private!' While she started screaming at him I got in my car and drove away. It took me everything in my power to not kick her a** that day.


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  • I was driving home from school last month and the car in front of me was tailgating the car in front of him. He pulled over into the middle lane and I guess they both had their windows down because they were driving side by side and they both slowed down (I guess to yell at each other) and then it looked like they were trying to run each other off the road. Then the second car (the one that was being tailgated) tailgated the first car, they both got next to each again, a few words were said I guess and then they both sped off.


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