What do you want from a woman?

what do you look for? What love?


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  • Just want somebody who will love me back as much as I love them. I want a girl who gets my humor, and makes me laugh. Who can hold an interesting conversation 'till the sun comes up. Someone who will come to me for support when she needs it, and who will support me when I'm having a hard time.

    Physically, I'm looking for a girl who looks like she takes care of herself. Has to have a nice smile, because if I'm doing my job right I should be seeing it a lot. I also look for pretty eyes, and I'm a bit of a hips/ass man too.

  • Look for beauty beyond skin deep, too illusive to contain by dimensional means perfectly charming with surrendered uniqueness, faithful compatibility, hospitable Wife, Lover and a friend and a mother who meets her obligation .with magnificent endurance in times of difficulties with the freedom of challenging adversity, she becomes the sweetness in masculine weakness, for comforting shoulders of others too lean upon.

    A trustful Confidant, a woman who shares values and interest, which defines her immediate contentment, recognizing her successful reposition, she can make the heart devoured itself in comical rapture.

    Basically Someone who is willing to share the same passion with me x


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