Are loud girls a turn off? What impression do they really give?

I have this friend, she is beautiful, always has been. She is very charismatic and even since high school she has had an entourage of friends and men wanting to be with her. As she got older she was still beautiful (I mean she is), she was still very sociable, very loud, very stylish - her own kinda style and often can be found laughing with a drink in hand splashing it everywhere.

But now she finds she attracts the wrong kinds of guys. And she is starting to feel that men see her as a play thing. She IS fun. She has had very bad experiences lately with some guy luring her to his place and then trying to lock her in. She managed to get out and is very lucky.

Her friends all still think she's awesome. But when she finds a guy she likes she has resorted to being very forward. VERY. She calls them and TEXTS them ALL the time. Because she is so bold it seems as though the guy doesn't know how to react and they run every time!

So, where do you think she's going wrong?


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  • For me very loud girls are a turn off. Your friend reminds me of brazilian girls, they look great but just won't shut the f*** up and speak so loud it hurts my ear drums. I think almost any girl with decent looks can pull a guy for a night but it takes a little more to keep them around especially if you have a specific guy in mind, only tip I can give is talk way WAY less, it's something all women should do actually, they talk way too much. If you want to talk, talk to your girlfriends

    • That talking thing - its a good tip - wish I'd learnt it long ago tho! Didn't realize that boys just communicate differently!!

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  • She's being too bold. It can come across as a little too overbearing. She needs to let them chase her a bit. A little mystery in the beginning is never a bad thing.

    P.S. Being overly loud and splashing your drinks everywhere is not a good thing.