I need a good explanation for this, am I not seeing things?

Here's the full story. I got home at 4:25 pm. I came in my room, set my backpack and ipod+headphones on my bed. I left to get something to drink. My brother got on the computer which is in my room, he exited everything out, so I got on. He got mad, cause he was "still on" though everything was exited and he was logged out of everything. I was on, checked facebook, sent some important messages, and then I get up to download more songs to my ipod and it's missing! Headphones, shoes, and backpack all there where I left it. The headphones were plugged into my ipod now it's gone! I asked everyone who was in my house if they gone in my room or took it. All said no. Then I checked on my floor, it's still missing. It's like it's vanished out of thin air!


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  • Sounds like your brother took it because he was p*ssed off at you for going on while he was apparently still on, hell that's what I'd do! (by the way, Tenner that he was watching p*rn) just make sure it hasn't fallen behind the bed or under the mattress before you accuse him and involve the parents.


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  • things don't just grow legs and walk off, you're brother probably hid them to p*ss you off.

  • Thats wiiiild. I don't know where it could have gone. Your brother might have nicked it, but I don't think so, really. That's heavy, though.

    • I don't think he would've either, he has one of his one it's the same as mine except blue. And according to him I have whack songs and all that and I have the only computer in the house in my room, plus he's charger thingamabobber.

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    • Ohhh, I get you. Like, beats juxtaposed to drums. As opposed to non-percussive music.

      Drone musics minimalist music, stretches from Indian and Aboriginal pipe music, y'know, long continuous, monotonous sounds, often for ceremonial purposes, up to contemporaries like La Monte Young, and a lot of german art composers, and filtering into Popular music of the 60s, like the velvet underground, and like, san Francisco psychedelic, and garage rock music. I used to make drone music, actually.

    • Oh OK. That's cool.

  • HMMMMM lets see, maybe your p*ssed off brother took it.

    f***ing DERP.

    • B*tch I suggest you don't talk to me like that.

    • Aww sh*t, what are you gonna do punch me through the computer screen? chill out.

  • these things happen deal with it...

  • It might turn up eventually ...


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