Should I maybe pursue her?

So 2 days ago my friend Kari loaned me $20 cause I couldn't get change for 100s to pay for parts at work. So after work I call her and said id be over in a few to pay you back. Well I get there and she answers the door in nothing but her underwear. So naturally we got down to business and then again in the morning in the shower. Then that day at work she was all smiles all day. We usually flirt back and forth throughout the day. We've been friends since we were kids. Than on the way home since we carpool she asked me to come over that night for an encore before her boyfriend got home the next day. So I did and we did it a few more times. But I've been wanting to be with her since I met her. Here's the kicker I'm friends. With her boyfriend he's kind of a tool but he's a cool dude. So hopefully he don't find out and hopefully it doesn't get awkward between Kari and me but I think its all good she was in an unusually good mood all day she kept saying how amazed she was and how unexpected it was. So what do you guys think should I maybe pursue her cause she says she's been in love with me for a very long time and I feel the same way.


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  • here is my gut reaction: I think you kind of had a fail on this. She's got a boyfriend and that's going to complicate things for a few reasons. 1. She has just declared herself a cheater. 2. She obviously has no respect for her boyfriend..which if you two were to ever start dating would translate over to: "she has no respect for you"...3 Trunkmonky said, once a a cheater always a cheater. 4. Oh, ya...and the boyfriend will probably want to pound your ass and drop her on hers.

    I think that right now you are so appealing to her becuase what you guys did was so out of the ordinary, secretive, exciting, new, etc. She is probably basking in a form of the "honeymoon stage" in your now friends with benefits relationship. Everything is new and exciting now..but in a few months she's gunna need something else.

    Love and wanting to get laid are two different things..and yet somehow very confused nowadays.

    • Excellent answer

    • I forgot to add that's for the past few weeks she's been talkin bout leaving him. Him and I are buddies but not real good friends he's kind of a tool.

    • Dat doesn't make any difference dude,its really awkward..

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  • they say once a cheater always a... well have fun with this one! eh first off you should have told her no, now she knows she doesn't have to leave her man for a quick rodeo with someone else. honestly I'm gonna say youve screwed your chances at her respecting you in a serious relationship so to me it wouldn't even be worth chasing after.

    • Good point but that thing was like gold man!!!

    • @josh...Its really like a gold,.tronkmonky z right,shes nt worth chasing after,if you do be with her,later she z still gonna cheat on you..