Bad First Impressions?

Everyone says what's inside that counts, but realistically we all make basic assumptions depending on how a person looks. I'd like to know your first impressions on some less than desirable traits. Everyone has that first thought, even if you do brush them aside and get to know the person inside.

1. Obesity

2. Acne

3. Ill-fitted clothing (Too tight, too loose, too short, etc)

Thanks for sharing!


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  • 1. Obesity...depends on how sever, to a certain extent the person can still look cute in a more cudley way, but overly big it can be kind of hard not to judge negatively even if you don't want to.

    2. Acne...not the nicest thing but it generally doesn't bug me.

    3. Ill fitted clothing...Too loose doesn't bug me, but too tight or anything that makes you look slutty in my opinion doesn't give off the best impression and I'd tend to avoid.

    I do agree though that once you get to know a person the large majority of the time they turn out to be a pretty awesome person but its really hard not to be judgmental at first even if you really really don't want to be x


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  • 1.) Obesity would indicate that unless they have a medical condition, they don't take care of themselves in terms of diet and/or exercise. A few extra pounds is alright though, to some extent it even adds curves for girls and character for guys.

    2.) Acne not a big deal. Can be treated or covered up if it's really bad.

    3.) Ill fitted clothing isn't a big deal. Not everyone is built with the same measurements and some pieces of clothing just seem to fall better on some people than others. In some cases, it could also mean it's time to take that person shopping if they were a friend, relative or significant other.


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