Look like a lady, think like a man?

This makes so much sense, but I just don't know how to do it. So GUYS or women that are like this, I need tips. Do I just treat every guy like trash and lie and use them as I focus on my career?


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  • That's not really being a man, that's being the ideal person of the current society. Consume what you can, use others to obtain what you want, and never care for others as people. This is the consumerist society, this is the new world of social-darwinism. It works and it's what we are expected to do, and this is what many people do in this world...

    • So what defines a real man? or "to think like a man"?

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    • I think the stereotypical society-wise explanation to "the thinking of man" is: simple, and to-the-point, and solution-oriented.

    • Thank you =]

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  • Are you suggesting that to be a man is to treat others like trash and lie to them and use them? That's rather offensive and sexist.

    • No that's what I'm asking, I guess the guys aren't understanding what I'm trying to ask. =[

  • No blow your way to the top. everything is based on a series of bj's. court cases, elections, hell they have a cure for cancer but your not gonna get it without blowin the doctor

    • Seriously, do you really I'm some dumb B. Obviously you're still a boy and doesn't know how to think like a man.

    • its called a joke you dumb bitch.

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