Do you think it's weird how this girl is copying me?

What do you think of this?

I have something called an online journal. And you add people and you can read each other's journals. I only have about 5 people on my "friend's list" and I don't know any in person. This makes it a great place to talk about personal things that I wouldn't be able to talk to friends in real life about.

There's this girl on there that I get along with very well. Since the last year I noticed she sounds a bit "inspired" by me, as in she talks about things I talk about. I talk about a certain not so well known movie and somehow she finds a way to bring it up in her posts. I say a certain not well known quote and she literally used the same quote. I mention TV's and she mentions tv's and I bought a brand new TV for a lot of money. Then she did too! Then my boyfriend and I started looking at engagement rings. I posted pics of a vintage style.

I sh*t you not, the week after she posted pics of engagement rings and they were all vintage style just like mine. My ring post made her drag her boyfriend out to look at rings. Like mine.

I don't like this... I think I'm going to get rid of my journal.

What would you think of these "coincidences?"


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  • That;s too much! Maybe you can "appear" to drop your journal, but change where your friends find you but this girl can't. Or is there a way to block or report her?


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  • why don't you just block her or just ignore her posts? you're online journal is for you, it isn't for anyone else. enjoy it

    • Yeah I have done that now tonight, she is still on my friend's list but I made a filter to both filter her out from seeing my posts and to filter her out from me seeing hers. After several things and then now the ring business, I'm weirded out. I've known her for years on there too. Don't know what happened.

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