I'm a smart girl! Is that bad!?

I don't know but like there are some girls who are outgoing and popular and athletic and everything but here's me..

today a whole bunch of people did a group volleyball game and so I went with my outgoing athletic friend, but I can't play and I'm shy so I took a book and sat in the corner and read while she played, to my dismay there was the guy I like there playing, do guys find it unattractive for a girl to sit in read and alone or should I be over there playing with them? sadly enough I scare a lot of guys because I'm smart and good at school but do they hate that?

take note the guy I like is athletic, smart, and shy, but he always plays in the Sunday volleyball game, should i?

Update : Yes I am smart, and I do hate it because guys seem nervous around me becuase I'm in all the tough classes and good at them and I hold all math records and I write and read and play piano a lot so I feel like I think too much. and guys hate it.
should I think less and be more stupid or should I just be like I am?

Maybe I come off apathetic to most guys?


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  • Absolute turn ON don't even think for a second it is bad. Personally for me and for a lot of guys that I spoke to COMMUNICATION place a HUUUUUGE role. Me perfect example I broke up with my good looking wild in bed girlfriend because she was dumb, and I couldn't talk to her about anything literally. So, after few month I got bored because other then sex we didn't do much or spoke to much about anything because she doesn't know anything. Judge my or not, but for me smartness is a key to a very long term relationship and marriage rather then physical attraction and sex. It is like having a Super High Tech futuristic looking Navigation that doesn't do it's job ( showing where to go, navigate lol )


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  • I don't think it's so much that you are smart, it's possibly the fact that you say you are shy that could turn a guy off. Trust me, smart girls are a welcome change from the tons of other girls that "dumb themselves down" because they think it looks cute or whatever. Stuff like that is annoying, and it's nice to actually have a good conversation with someone about something other than what TV show they watch.

    I think it would not only be good to get to know this guy, but it would be good for you to get up and participate in the volleyball game. It might help you break out of your shell more when you have fun with everyone else and connect with them.

  • Do what you love to do that's most important. Sometimes your better off keeping to yourself, in some cases.

    There's nothing wrong with what you did, maybe volleyball isn't your thing. Reading is.


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  • Being smart is very attractive to a lot of guys; but if you want this guy to notice you, you should be going out there & try to have some type of conversation with him. I think it'll be interesting for you to play volley ball with your friends, you'll learn & you'll have lots of fun.

  • Considering you misspelled "volley" and "athletic" more than once, I'd like to consider your intelligence...Haha, just kidding xD

    But really, intelligence and braininess is a turn-on for guys, but just because you read a book while they were playing doesn't indicate how smart you are. Really, it doesn't. If you want to get his attention, GO OUT THERE AND PLAY :D You know, talk to him and start a convo, otherwise, nothing will start at all.

    Come on, even if you're shy, take a risk and talk to him! :D

    Anyways, good luck! :)

    • Sorry about the bad spelling and all (my keybored is very very sticky because my brother spilt juice on it). but anyways my problem is shyness on top of being smart, I am. actually my last boy friend was scared of me because I used big words and new more then him and he dumped me for it 0.0 . In school I'm the best at all the classes and I hold all ath records! I'm even in calculus and physics and I'm top :( I hate it tho I wanna be one of those "confused stupid girls" I guess -_-

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    • [continued]...wouldn't talk to anyone unless they talked to me first) and that didn't get me any friends or boyfriends. After I start to calm down and actually take a step into talking with some people, I've met so many new friends and guys don't feel like I'm so unapproachable. In my opinion, you are very beautiful :) If you started to be less shy, you'll get that attention :) Yes, I know it's hard to take the first step, but it'll be all worth it in the end :)

    • In short terms:

      Braininess = Perfect! Don't change yourself because of it.

      Shyness = Try to take that first step and take a chance at talking to that person you'll like. It'll make huge difference, trust me :)