Why can't girls get easily attracted/turned on by guys?

unless he has something to offer like money or whatever...guys get easily attracted to girls by how girls bodies and face look, how they walk, how she acts etc . why can't guys have attraction that way?


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  • We're in general not that horny. We are programmed by nature to be turned on once a month to make a baby, so that we take our time in choosing a partner who will support us so our child receives the best care. A guy can reproduce everyday, and looks for fertile females.


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  • Generally when I find myself attracted to a guy, I have no idea how much money he has, nor do I care.

    I'm turned on by his face, his body, his style, his personality, the way her interacts with other people, the way he interacts with me, his voice, the way he smells, the way he smiles at me.. money has never determined attraction for me.

    • COOL answer I guess its the same type of attraction with both sexes : ) too bad there are not very many girls like you in this world that see guys like that ; )

  • Who says they don't? I know when I watch my boyfriend working or even just standing there, I can get turned on simply because he looks hot at that particular moment. The difference is, we as women respect the time/place factor. If he's working on his car and he turns me on, I'm not going to interrupt his work by suggesting sex RIGHT NOW! It's rude and inappropriate. So maybe it seems like women don't get turned on, but we do. We just control it.


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  • It's probably just you I know girls my age 18-20 who find me attractive from my face and body when they don't even know nothing about me.

    • Maybe your right that its just me and I'm not good enough to turn on a girl cause I don't look right but good answer lol