He likes me more than I like him!?!? HELP.


okay, here is how it started. He messaged me asking a few questions about soccer and I answered and I thought he was a cool guy! nothing more. then he started getting flirty [;) ;D <33]and I was like wow, this guy is really nice! I and I genuinely thought I liked him.we were getting close and texting like all day and he called me beautiful, pretty, and he wanted to hang out with me constantly. I told all my little girl friends and they were so happy for me. I've been thinking lately, I don't like him, I like how he treats me, but I don't like him. I was also debating on whether or not I should text him or tell him in person I just want to be friends but I was like, I shouldn't have to tell him in person? were not going out, and nothing is set in stone, so why shouldn't I be able to text him? so I wanted to know, any tips on relationships like this? Remember, were not going out, and we have 1 class together, ahaha :) but please help? :( should I text or say it in person? am I bad for doing this? Will he think I'm leading him on? because I truly thought I liked him... OK well thank you everyone <3


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  • ignore him...if he asks, then tell him you don't like him and move on...avoid the friendship card since he's already mistimed his feelings to you and that won't go away anytime soon


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