Thoughts on eyebrow piercing?

So I've been thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing lately and I would like opinions.

1. What are your thoughts on eyebrow piercings in general? do you like them? against them? let me know.

For those of you who have an eyebrow pierced...

2. Did it hurt? I'm a totally pansy. I can barely sit through getting my flu shot.

3. What do you recommend? A bar or a ring?

4. How much did you pay? I don't wanna spend too much but I know its not cheap.

For anyone...

5. Do you think it would look any good on me? I am constantly trying to figure out if it will look good on my face shape.

so it won't let me put links in here so you'll have to look at my profile pictures...or something...I'm gonna try and change it so yeah :)

so um just comment and lemme know...uh yeah

bye :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • A lot of guys don't like them. I sure don't. They are ugly.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I personally dislike pretty much all piercings so no help there.

    However, my flatmate had both his done with a ring. He only got one done at a time, but they both got ripped out when getting caught on things. I'm guessing the eyebrow is a fairly fragile area to attach things to, due to how exposed it is and how little skin is available.

  • I like them. I had one. It doesn't hurt that much to get but will sting for about 2 hours after just a little. I paid 50. I'm not sure that it would look good on you. Bar is better imo.


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm not a big fan of them, I don't think they make anyone look good.

  • You will look like even MORE of a dyke!