Is it possible to be "too groomed" or "too girly?"

Everyday I get up in the morning, and I do my hair, my makeup, and I try to dress nicely. I also get my nails done, and I work out a lot to stay in shape. Now, I would expect that these things would be good because I take care of myself, but my best guy friends have recently brought to my attention that the reason I can't find a good guy is because I obviously put effort into my looks, thus meaning I am shallow, high maintenance, and I can't "kick back" with the guys. And basically, the only guys that approach me are only looking for sex for that reason.

Now, this is shocking and disappointing to me, because I do not spend more than half an hour getting ready in the morning, and everything I buy for myself is on sale (I won't indulge in high price things.) I see myself as really down to earth, and I love camping, hiking and hockey stuff just as much as the next guy. I am not shallow when it comes to other people's looks either.

So should I try less hard to look nice? I hate that people can't take me seriously, and I am getting really sick of of only jerky guys going after me.


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  • Well these are guys telling you this so I would take it with a grain of salt. I think people not taking you seriously is more in how you act then how you look. As far as only jerky guys going after you could try going after some nicer guy, I'm sure he would appreciate it and it might turn out well. Other than that if your not spending some ridiculously large amount of time getting ready well I don't believe its a problem.

    • Im not really sure how I could be acting that would turn people off. I always try to be really friendly with everyone. it is confusing lol

    • I really don't know much about you so I'm just making generalizations, but if you act nice and down to earth it may just be the people you hang around with. I personally try to avoid making assumptions based on someones looks but everyone does it.

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  • Sounds like you're with some pretty immature guys.

    You also sound attractive. This can scare some guys off, but that's probably a good thing.

    Are you in college? College offers a diverse selection of guys.

    Set your sights higher.


    • Yeah, I have never dated a "mature" guy ha ha they all seem like stupid confused little boys. and yeah I am in college, but all I seem to find are loser boys who only wanna get laid.

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  • Obviously not everyone understands that you only buy sale stuff and that you have the fine art of hair and make-up down to a t. And believe me I'm exactly the same, I never leave the house without any make-up on, my hair at least tidy and nice, clean clothes on.

    If you really think that your looking "pristine" maybe effecting how you are perceived by others. then I'd try a little experiment. Why don't you try wearing the minimum of make-up, doing your hair as simple as possible and dressing down just a bit? Personally it would be something I'd do just to see other peoples reactions. And if this turns out to be true that you are approached more by the nicer folks then well, to me it seems that the shallow, narrow-minded people are the jerks that come after you when you're trying to look after yourself. It might sound like a stupid idea but, sometimes you gotta do these things to stop yourself from going totally bonkers.