Why do girls always look at my friend?

When we are walking sometimes around school girls will turn and look at him and not even notice me, and we're walking right next to each other. Sometimes he'll even get a smile. I personally think I'm better looking than him... I'm softer looking and baby faced (like zac efron cute) and he is more like heath ledger rugged looking. Also, he's taller than me about an inch or two. Why does this happen?


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  • Lol.. Sorry to tell you but I'd go for Heath Ledger over Zac Efron any day..

    Girls probably find him hot. I'm sure you're cute though, don't feel all self-conscious about it. I mean, I wouldn't expect to be looked at if I were standing next to a model...

    That sounds awful.. but I'm guessing that's the reason.

    • Ewww Heath Ledger looks like a his face got glued back together and injected with botox.

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